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Manchester United related news and links: the Mourning after

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Luiz Suarez is pulling on Rafael's hair... (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Luiz Suarez is pulling on Rafael's hair... (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Yeah, yesterday sucked. This past week sucked. From my point of view, I'm thrilled to have no mid-week matches so that I can decompress as a supporter. For those of you who still need your daily fix on Manchester United related news, here are some links to hold you over.

* Well, the most important news is probably Nani related and determining how severe his injury is after Jamie Carragher's awful challenge on the Portuguese winger. No word yet on the extent of the injury per the Manchester Evening News.

* Photos from Nani's gash were released on twitter by a United staff member after the game. EPL Talk has photos of Nani's horrific gash. WARNING: The photo is a bit graphic, so view it with caution if you get a bit squeamish with blood.

* Media blackout by United, per the Manchester Evening News.

More news and links after the jump...

* David Pleat, of the Guardian, says Liverpool's vibrant foward movement caused trouble for United's makeshift defense.

* Per the Telegraph, chief executive David Gill got into it with referees' chief Mike Riley in the Anfield director's box.

* Chalkboard analysis by Michael Cox via the Guardian. The analysis is mostly Liverpool related, but it gives insight into how they tore us apart.

* Not Liverpool related (a good thing probably), but the always excellent blog In bed with Maradona has this piece comparing Sir Alex Ferguson & Alexander The Great. He draws out some interesting parallels.

* A look at soccer analytics via EPL Talk. This stems from the 5th annual 5th annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston this past weekend.

A few quick notes for this upcoming week. I haven't been able to watch the Liverpool match yet so I'm going to try to watch it this week and get up a tactical review for those you interested in reading that. Also, I'm going to try to get a piece up analyzing Fergie's substitution patters when United fall behind in matches. I've gone back and compiled data from the past 4.5 seasons.