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Social Networking with The Busby Babe

CPC and I have discussed picking up our involvement on both Twitter and Facebook; both seem to be great avenues to continue interaction with the community here at The Busby Babe. In fact, the genesis of my involvement with the site began as a casual lurker of the articles here and it grew as I began to interact a bit more through Twitter. Okay, that sounds like a courtship in a way....

Anyway, I've noticed that a number of our current regular readers and commenting participants are involved on Twitter. We encourage you to interact with us if you feel so inclined through that avenue as well. Both CPC and I will make an effort to actively interact through the blog's Twitter page...

You can follow us @TheBusbyBabe

I also have my personal account, @GeneUmTBB, where I randomly muse about Manchester United, football in general (I probably watch too much), University of Washington sports, Seattle Sounders FC, running, food, and Natalie Portman.

We also have a Facebook page, where I'll be increasing our involvement as well. You can "like" us here.

Anyway, these final weeks of the run-in should be amazing as we celebrate title #19 and we get ready for the UEFA Champions League final versus F.C. Barcelona. I also can't wait to keep the discussion going during the summer through the transfer window and through the anticipation of next season.