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Paul Scholes; the greatest midfielder of this generation

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I just got back from the bars in Seattle, Washington (USA) and I had the most epic conversation about Paul Scholes. The girl was Italian and an A.C. Milan supporter and we got to talking about our love for midfield maestros in the game of football: Scholes, Andrea Pirlo, Manuel Rui Costa, Clarence Seedorf, etc. It got me thinking though, despite Sir Alex Ferguson's recent media quotes about hinting that Scholes may actually not retire, the greatest English midfielder of this generation, might hang up his boots at season's end. Quite simply, CPC gives me a voice me on this particular website... well with this voice I've clearly expressed to everyone that Park Ji-sung is my favorite footballer; that comes in obvious combination of ethnic connection and merit. But the ginger pure footballing terms, Scholes is my favorite footballer of all time. If he retires, I'll write so much more... but just in case, I want him to be on your minds on Sunday in case he retires at season's end. Watch his subtleness, his football brain, his precision, and his genius. This isn't just one of United's greatest players ever, it's one of football's true savants . 

Anyway, the point of this quick post was... appreciate Scholes on Sunday... just in case. It seems crazy to say, but he really might be the most underrated player of this generation.