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Mourning after: post Champions League final questions for Barca Blaugranes

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This sucks. Despite Manchester United losing to quite possibly the greatest side the world has ever seen in FC Barcelona, this still sucks. I don't have much doubt that we are the 2nd best team in Europe, but there is a large gap between us and the best. United were simply outclassed. Here is what manager Sir Alex Ferguson had to say after the match:

"It's the best team we have ever have ever faced. No one has ever given us a hiding like that"

If many of you would like to simply forget this match as soon as possible, that is understandable. However, if you happen to have any questions for the victors, we once again will be collaborating with Barca Blaugranes, SBN's Barcelona blog for a post-Champions League final Q&A. I'm going to be answering questions from their writers for their site and I figured I'd let the readers here chime in with any questions that they might have for them.