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The Busby Babe awards: Manchester United goal of the season

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Not because I have any sort of wizardry powers, but I feel fairly certain that I can predict which goal will win this award. Why stop there with predictions - I also predict the sun will rise tomorrow morning, that 'Arry Redknapp will speak to the media again this week just to hear himself speak, Carlos Tevez will say something derogatory about Manchester (in Spanish since he hasn't bothered to learn English in his half decade in England), and that I will think about Park Ji-sung sometime tomorrow and smile to myself. Having said that, I will still offer some candidates for goal of the year. Links included for your viewing pleasure after the jump...

* Dimitar Berbatov: The Bulgarian's 2nd goal versus Liverpool FC during his hat-trick performance - a brilliant overhead finish.

* Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez: In the Community Shield versus Chelsea FC, Chicharito scores his first Wembley goal with his face.

* Chicharito: At Stoke City, the Mexican produced this crafty header.

* Park Ji-Sung: The Korean's winner versus Arsenal FC was an impossible header that rivals Chicharito's.

* Wayne Rooney: Wazza's sublime first-touch and powerful finish versus Aston Villa after Edwin van der Sar's superb 70-yard long ball.

* Rooney: At Stamford Bridge, Michael Carrick's precision diagonal ball was met by Ryan Giggs' class first-touch which set up his cut-back for Rooney's clinical far-post finish.

* Rooney: Wazza's overhead winner in the derby versus Manchester City - as Martin Tyler said, "superb."