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The Busby Babe awards: your favorite Manchester United memory of the season?

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Rather than having a poll asking you all what your favorite moment was from Manchester United's title-winning season, I figure it may be most appropriate to open it up for all you to share. There probably is a singular moment that many of us share as our favorite, whether that be Wayne Rooney's overhead kick versus Manchester City, Dimitar Berbatov's hat-trick versus Liverool, or Sir Alex bowing to the Stretford End after the title-decider versus Chelsea at Old Trafford. However, many of you might also have uniquely individual moments that you might like to share: perhaps it's a memorable trip to Old Trafford, a recent moment when United took your heart, or a moment of brilliance from a favorite player. 

My favorite single moment is Rooney's overhead kick versus City. I had a fairly busy weekend during the day of the match so I was forced to the watch the game on DVR. When Rooney soared and gave us a strike from the heavens, I leapt out of chair, my laptop and notes went flying from my lap, and I screamed in genuine delight. I will never forget that moment. 

As for my single favorite memory of the season? That would be Park Ji-sung's epic performance versus Chelsea in the title-decider at Old Trafford. If there ever was an example of why the Korean is routinely chosen for United's biggest matches, that late-afternoon match was it. His desire, work-rate, and quality was simply sensational. I have never seen my favorite player be more extraordinary. 

As for others here at TBB, here are their favorite moments:

* CPC - the first leg vs Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-final... a 0-1 result at Stamford Bridge. 

* nolefansam - Rooney's overhead strike versus City. 

Please share with us your favorite moments and memories from this past season in the comments below. Was it Chicharito's face goal? Was it the first time that Bebe kept a cross in play? Was it watching a 37-year-old Ryan Giggs tear apart Europe in the Champions League? A certain sublime Paul Scholes pass? Was it your first trip to Old Trafford? I eagerly anticipate reading what you all have to share with us!