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Give us your questions! | Arsenal FC edition

These are some trying times for Arsenal FC boss Arsene Wenger
These are some trying times for Arsenal FC boss Arsene Wenger

Just six months ago, Arsenal FC were flying high after a famous 2-1 victory over FC Barcelona in the first-leg of a UEFA Champions League tie in the first round of the knock-out stages. The North London club were in contention for all four major trophies that an English side can compete for. It all fell apart after that. The Gunners failed to win the Carling Cup final at Wembley after being heavy favorites over Birmingham City. Soon came their fall as well from the Premier League title race where they fell all the way to fourth in the table. Thus, they are currently in a two-legged tie with Serie A's Udinese for the right to participate in the Champions League group stages.

On Sunday, Arsenal travel north to Old Trafford for a league clash with our beloved Manchester UnitedThe Short Fuse, an Arsenal site on the SB Nation network, is kind enough to do a Q&A exchange ahead with us ahead of the match. We typically have you, the readers, provide the majority of our questions. Let us know what you would like to learn about the current situation of their club. Are you curious about today's news of Samir Nasri's transfer to Manchester City? How about Cesc Fabregas' departure to his Catalan roots? Curious about the criticism that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has come under, despite his past success? Are you curious about their take over their perceived lack of spending? Give us your questions! You have until Thursday to submit them before I exchange the questions with The Short Fuse