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Manchester United await UEFA Champions League draw

Manchester United have reached the UEFA Champions League final in three of the past four years.
Manchester United have reached the UEFA Champions League final in three of the past four years.

*UPDATE: Fenerbache has withdrawn from the UEFA Champions League after their involvement in a match fixing scandal.

On Thursday, at around 4:30pm BST, Manchester United will find out who their opponents will be for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. The Reds have reached the final in three of the past years - including a famous victory over Chelsea FC in 2008 and two losses to FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011 that gutted supporters. The 32 clubs that will participate in the group stages are being divided into four different pots for the draw. The pot that includes United are the seeded sides, so they will avoid most of Europe's elite sides in the group stages. They will draw an opponent from each of the other three pots. Here are those four pots:

Pot 1: Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Bayern Munich, *Arsenal FC, Real Madrid, FC Porto, Inter Milan

Pot 2: Shaktar Donetsk, Olympique Lyonnais, Villarreal, AC Milan, Valencia, Olympique de Marseille, CSKA Moscosw, *Benfica

Pot 3: Zenit St Petersburg, Manchester City, Olympiakos, Ajax, Bayer Leverkusen, Fenerbache, Basle, Lille.

Pot 4: Borussia Dortmund, *FC BATE, Dinamo Zagreb, Napoli, APOEL, Genk, Otelui Galati, *Viktoria Pizen

* If these sides qualify for the group stages on Wednesday

Despite being seeded, there are certainly some sides that are not optimal to draw from the other pots in the group stages. It certainly would be nice to avoid drawing Milan, City, and Dortmund. Drawing Marseille would give the French side a chance for vengeance after United knocked them out last season during the initial stages of the knock-out stages.

Tell which sides you'd like to avoid? Tell us which sides you'd like to draw?