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HIGHLIGHTS: Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal FC

It was both beauty and brutality. It was both dominant and disgraceful. It was both famous and infamous. It was Manchester United 8 (EIGHT!) - 2 Arsenal FC. Against an already reeling Arsene Wenger side, the Reds put on one of the most awe-inspiring attacking displays in the history of the English Premier League. Quite frankly, despite some splendid goals, the North Londonders were fortunate to not have 10 or more goals poured on them had United been slightly more clinical. I've been concussed six times. I eat poorly. I probably drink too much. Yet, if I'm not buried six feet under 25 years from now, no matter what my mental state is, there is no way I will not have remembered this match then. The average age of United's starting XI today was 23-years-old. I bet they made Sir Alex Ferguson feel that young today as well. Crisis at the Emirates. Celebration at Old Trafford. Here are highlights from the match: