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Ravel Morrison: A talent worth sticking with or a trainwreck waiting to happen?

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There is no doubting the talent that the boy has. Too many pundits and experts within the game and within our club has sung his plaudits for him to be another over-rated prospect. Being compared to the best of the class of 92 (Beckham, Scholes and before them Giggs) should not be taken lightly. But does Ravel Morrison have the temperament, the motivation and the discipline to make it at United, or even in the game of football.

And do Manchester United, recognising his obvious talent, succumb to his wage demands despite his legal troubles?

Sir Alex Ferguson said that his agent (Key Sports Management) had been looking at other clubs in the hope of a move, and that their wage demans are un-realistic. Despite his talent, he is yet to feature in a premier league game. He currently earns £1200 a week. Not a bad wage for the mere mortal. One that 90% of the population would kill for. And I am sure the club are offering a raise too. Not enough I guess.

Don't footballers make you sick sometimes. Who said they do it for the money

Even if he does sign a new contract, is he worth the hassle? The boy is in and out of court like a Brazilian twin on a physio table. To date he has been given a caution for assulting his mother, been arrested twice for assulting his missus, a conviciton of criminal damage. Not to mention intimidating a witness. The Times has a story that goes into his case in slightly more depth. A good read.

He also took to twitter not too long ago to critisize the club, an action that got up Wayne Rooney's nose. You know you have troubles in life when he is telling you how to behave!

There have also been allegation's today (I stress these are allegations, for the fear of being sued) that he has stolen from United's first team dressing room. I mean.... Really? How stupid can you get?

He really comes across as a bit of tit (Being very nice to him there). If it is money he wants, all he has to do is work hard in training and he will become a multi-millionaire within three years. The boy is gifted with a football. I witnessed him personally when he came on as a sub at Aldershot, and he looked at complete ease when dribbiling with the ball. A rare sight for an English footballer.

Up untill now I have always hoped the club stuck with him. Part of me wishes we give him his contract. Because if he fufills his potential he could be a world beater. A legend at the club. But will he be able to acheive what his talent deserves. Does he posess that love of the game? Does he share the loyalty to the club, that the club has shown him in his troubles?

If he doesn't I hope he really implodes. And doesn't make it at all as a footballer. If I sound bitter, I don't give a damm. Because he has the world at his feet. He can live the dream that millions and millions of people (myself included) would love to do. To play football for the best team in the world. He comes across like he doesn't care.

Like he doesn't know how lucky he is.

Feel free to give your thoughts on Ravel. Do you want him at our club? Is he worth the risk?