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Give us your Questions! -- Arsenal Q&A edition

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Ahead of Sunday's tie versus Arsenal FC, The Short Fuse -- the Arsenal site here on the SB Nation network -- have been kind enough to agree to do a Q&A exchange with us. Many of you probably know the routine by now: as always, we have you -- our readers -- supply the majority of the questions for these Q&A's while I supplement in a few of my own. What do you want to know about the Gunners. Quite obviously, much has changed since the 8-2 match at Old Trafford in August. Do you want to know what their supporter's ambitions are for the season? How about their expectations? How about their confidence in a top 4 finish? Do you want to know their thoughts on the return of Thierry Henry? This is your opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on the London side from their hardcore supporters. Ask away!