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Manchester United Player Ratings Against Arsenal

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This is something I am going to try & make a regular thing here. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Rate the players, 1-10, on their performance's during the game. Here are the ratings against Arsenal

A score of 1 being the lowest (Bebe standard), 10 being the highest (Messi like) A score of 6 will be standard, 7 is solid, a very good game will get an 8, 9 is good for outstanding and 10 is unplayable. 10's will be very rare. Not only will they have to play the game of their life, but it will usually come against a team of good quality or in a big match (FInals, championship deciding game's etc.)

Anything less than a 6 is sub par and they should be doing better.

Anders Lindegaard - Was solid. Not much more you can ask for than that from a keeper. Claimed the high balls well and was a good presence at the back. The goal he let in wasn't unsaveable, he got a hand on it, but it was still a good finish. On a good day he might have saved it, but it wasn't as though it was a major mistake or anything. 7/10

Phil Jones - DIdn't get himself into the game before he went off injured. Can't really give a score on that N/A (Twisted Ankle)

Chris Smalling - Very good performance. Dealt with every cross that I can remember and commanded the back line well, Really was a dominating figure at the back and him and Evans kept Van Persie as quiet as they could up untill the Dutchman's goal. If he can perform like this week in week out, he will soon be first choice, even when Nemja Vidic & Rio Ferdinand are fit! 8.5/10

Jonny Evans - Didn't have quite as good as game as Smalling IMO, but that is nothing to be ashamed of. Always got bullied in the air last year but his ariel prowess is now a strength, as highlighted by his 5/6 ariel duals won. 7/10

Patrice Evra - Was fantastic going forward, but then how hard can it be when Nani was tearing Djourou apart? Was also solid at the back too, although he still got skinned at least once easily when one on one, a part of his game that has let him down a few times this season. Still, he is deserving of an 8/10

Antonio Valencia - Came up against a good opponent in the returning Thomas Vermallen, but really got the better of him. I shudder to think what he would have done against Miquel if Vermallen didn't make the game. Grabbed the opener with a back stick header, and provided the winner with a good dribble and pass to Welebeck. 8.5/10 My M.O.T.M (Also switched to RB when Rafael departed)

Ryan Giggs - Done a good job I feel in the middle of the park. Grabbed the assist for the first goal with a delicious cross with his left peg. Really couldn't have placed it onto Valenica's head any better. 7.5/10

Micheal Carrick - Put in a good performance. Kept the ball well with a 91% pass completion rate. Also put in 6 tackles. He also had a slight knock in the second half that limited his movement somewhat. 7/10

Nani - Johan Djourou must be having nightmares. Nani gave him hell and the Swiss defender was subbed at half time. However for all the great positions Nani found himself in, he lacked an end product. One effor I particulary remember on goal was a tame near post effot that was saved easily. With his talent he should be doing better than that. However he is good for a 7/10 Subbed during 2nd half (Knock)

Wayne Rooney - Had a quiet day at the office. He also blatantly dived which I was not happy about. He did look threatening in attack but didn't really deliver. Done well linking the play from deep and as ever, worked hard for the team. 6.5/10

Danny Welbeck - Has really grown this season. His link up play, his ability on the ball, and the fact he can control the ball under pressure has meant he is first choice for now. Scored the winner, but should really have put the game to bed sooner. Needs to work on finishing his chances to really cement his place, not only for United, but also for his England aspirations. 7.5/10


Rafael- Came on for Jones early on and didn't let the team down. Lots of energy down the right. Got booked and that led to him being subbed late on to avoid further punishment. 6/10

Paul Scholes - Came on for Nani and his floated pass to Valencia led to the winner. Didn't do much of note other than that 6/10

Ji-Sung-Park - Again, involved in the winner. Played a one two with Valencia and his willingless to get himself involved means he is always a handy sub to bring on. 6/10

Im not really one for over analysing a game. These ratings are based on my opinions of the game, having only watched it one time. For example, Jones played for longer than Scholes & Park, but didn't recieve a rating. That is because I can't remember him being involved at all, apart from being injured, through no fault of his own.

Feel free to offer your own opinions. Have I been to harsh? To Generous? I want to hear from you!