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POST MATCH REACTION THREAD: Liverpool 2:1 Manchester United

De Gea waving the ball passed him  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
De Gea waving the ball passed him (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Just bitter disappointment. Really angry. Not a happy bunny. First off, congratulations to Liverpool. They won the game, they took their chances. They put the pressure on De Gea.

David De Gea..... Looked like Bambi in headlights whenever a ball was lofted towards him. Especially when the area was crowded. (Corners for instance, free kicks too). Not a great trait for a keeper. I have been a defender of him as well. I still believe he can be a top keeper, but he now needs to really do some hard graft. He becomes nervous when he has to put his body on the line. Anders Lindegaard is certainly our number one form here on out in the League.

Valencia hit the post early on with a fantastic effort. He and Rafael had agreat first half down the right. The winger quietened a little in the second however.

Liverpool's first goal came from a corner halfway through the first half. Liverpool had the nous to station three players amongst the young Spanish keeper, and Agger headed the ball beyond the floundering keeper as he pushed Andy Carroll away from him. The Danes header was a free one, so the blame cannot be asserted 100% to the keeper. Just a lot of it.

From there on our midfield dominated for a large portion of the match. Giggs, Carrick and Scholes was linking up very well and the tenacious Park worked as hard as ever. It was the South Korean who scored the equaliser. Rafael battled well down the right hand side and his cross at the byline was perfect for the late arriving Park, who finished well.

Into the second half and we still were monopolising possession. Liverpool weren't hurting us. Then Scholes went off and the game changed. Bellamy came on for Liverpool as well as Adam. The tables had turned. They bossed the game.

And sure enough, the goal came for the 'Pool. A Reina goal kick was flicked on by the largely in-effective Carroll, Evra failed to cut it out and Kuyt ran in behind him to power home the winner.

Game over!

I think we played well for a large portion of the match. But we just didn't do enough. I hate to criticize the gaffer, but..... It is a cup tie against Liverpool, at Anfield. Did he have to play De Gea? As soon as I saw his name I got real worried.

And taking Scholes off. We lost our edge in midfield. We were really playing well with the extra man and that vanished and we were punished.

Still, hindsight is a wonderful thing....

Vent any feelings you have here. Better here than taking it out on your loved ones... Avoid the criminal charges I guess :) We will see Liverpool (With Suarez no less) At Anfield next month. Lets stick it to them!