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Manchester United Transfer Rumors: Ravel Morrison to West Ham on a permanent deal?

Perhaps a goodbye hug by Ravel for Will Keane?
Perhaps a goodbye hug by Ravel for Will Keane?

With the exception of a few astute buys -- notably Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra in 2006 -- Manchester United generally keep a low-profile during the January transfer window due to manager Sir Alex Ferguson's (correct) belief that there is little value at this time. This season has followed that pattern as United have been very quiet during the current transfer window -- although we did pick up a mild-mannered (except when attempting to tackle) ginger by the name of Paul Scholes on a free. The cynic might add that the club simply have no funds to offer for an expensive buy at the moment -- despite the club's impressive revenue stream -- due to the Glazer's purchase of the club being secured against the club's assets. Anyway, I'm rambling...

As the headline suggests, there are reports out there on this final day of the January transfer window that starlet Ravel Morrison may be headed to West Ham United. The Morrison saga has been extensively covered here recently on TBB and elsewhere as well. Here are your bullet points if you need to be caught up:

* Morrison is brilliantly talented. Perhaps the most talented youth player to arrive at United since that ginger who just (re-) arrived on a free transfer. He's a creative attacker that prefers to operate between the lines -- either centrally or coming in from the flank.

* He gets in trouble a lot. Like A LOT. To the point where he has to see judges and hopes that the result isn't sitting behind bars afterward. Or is part of the trouble that Morrison doesn't think that far ahead when he acts?

* Reports indicate that the club feel that they've exhausted every option in helping Morrison and they're simply to the point of giving up on the player. Even with minimal compensation. Some feel he could potentially be a £40-million player one day if he stays out of trouble.

Morrison is a local lad and along with his undeniable talent, perhaps this endears himself to some United supporters. Nonetheless, the speculation is that he is headed to London today in order to meet West Ham manager Sam Allardyce. Sky Sports is reporting that a permanent transfer may result and that United would receive roughly just £300,000 for a transfer fee -- with the possibility of add-ons depending on appearances. Morrison's contract expires in the upcoming summer but it appears that Fergie is not keen on offering him a new contract. There are many supporters who don't feel ready yet to give up on the talented youngster but United appear ready to move on.

Ravel is certainly one who causes a stir when his name is mentioned. How do you feel about the recent occurrences in his saga? If United feel he no longer deserving of a place at the club, is that something you're willing to accept when considering his behavior?