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Ryan Giggs hopes to play another season

If the legendary Ryan Giggs were to return for another season, he would be 39-years-old at the end of the 2012-13 season.
If the legendary Ryan Giggs were to return for another season, he would be 39-years-old at the end of the 2012-13 season.

It's been a busy day of news at Old Trafford with Manchester United's match versus Stoke City occurring, the news of Ravel Morrison moving to West Ham United, the news of Freddie Veseli's signing, and also the injury and illness to goalkeepers Anders Lindegaard and David de Gea, respectively. Perhaps lost in this flurry of news is that the legendary Ryan Giggs is hopeful that he can return again for next season. Here is what the 38-year-old recently told Inside United when asked if what he seeks is to play beyond this season:

"Yeah, it is at the moment. We'll sit down pretty soon and see what we want to do but, at the moment, I feel good and I want to carry on."

He was further asked if he was willing to play into his forties:

"Now that one's a question! You can't see it but we'll see. When that changes [having a big influence on the pitch], then that's when I'll want to stop. But I feel like I'm still an influence on and off the pitch so I'll carry on."

Here is what manager Sir Alex Ferguson had to say when asked if he's hoping the Welsh wizard will return for another season:

"We certainly hope so, yes. There has been no discernable detrioration in his play whatsoever and, in that sense, why shouldn't he stay on another year? Obviously, it's entirely up to Ryan himself but I don't see any reason why he can't continue."

While few in the long history of football have matched Giggs' quality on the left flank, he has recently redefined himself as mostly a central-midfielder over the past few seasons. He no longer possesses his once electric pace but he does well to use his craft and guile to still help create goalscoring chances from the center of the park. Perhaps the best example of this was last season's run-in when he formed an impressive partnership with Michael Carrick -- one that was pivotal to United winning their record 19th league title and also to their run to the UEFA Champions League final.

Because of his age, the fitness of Giggs is monitored closely but due to the congested fixture list that United annually have -- which typically includes deep runs into the Champions League, FA Cup, and Carling Cup along with 38 league matches-- his value is heightened because a deep squad is required. There is also the leadership qualities that he possesses and provides for a squad full of promising young players. I doubt there is a single United supporter who wouldn't be happy to see the legendary Giggs glide on the pitch of Old Trafford for at least one more season.