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Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United | Highlights & Post-Match Quotes


The following highlight reel is from the same host, but it may provide better clarity for USA viewers...

<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="">FA Cup: Man City/Man Utd</a>


Sir Alex Ferguson | MUFC manager (courtesy of MUTV)

(Overall thoughts on the match...) "I think we made them look better than they were. We just had a carelessness in the second half. The problem was, we were 3-0 up at half time and we thought we were through and they took our foot off the pedal. We lost possession just after half time; they got a free-kick and scored. They went into a defensive formation and you have to give them full credit for that. They waited and waited, hoping we would make mistakes and we did make mistakes, which made it a scoreline that it shouldn’t have been. The game happened in three phases; first we scored the opening goal which was terrific as were going to be very difficult to beat from that point. The sending off was obviously next, which was a two-footed tackle and we were lucky because if Nani gets contact then he’s got a real bad problem. But I think the referee was right in that instance. The third phase was when we were 3-0 and should have been home and dry. We made mistakes and you suffer if you make mistakes. That’s really what I thought about the game."

(On the significance of the result...) "I don’t think it does us any good at all today. It was a careless performance in the second half and we should have been home and dry. We had a clear scoreline but we were too careless and that’s the area where, if we keep doing that, we will make mistakes."

(On the recent rumors of rift between Rooney and the manager...) "We must explain this about Rooney - he's a headline-maker, whether it's good or bad. The press don't mind. It's a situation we experienced many years ago with Paul Gascoigne. This is the new Paul Gascoigne: a headline-maker, and we're better seeing him like that today when it's good stuff. Any flaws in Wayne will be absolutely annihilated by the press because that's what they're like. That's the animal we're dealing with. Today it was a magnificent performance from him. There's no problem with the boy's temperament, no problem with him at all. It's just off the field he's going to be spotlighted all the time."

Video of both Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini's and Fergie's post-match comments after the match:

* Unfortunately, there isn't the same access to Opta statistics for FA Cup ties as their is for Premier League or Champions League matches. Therefore, I am not able to compile the usual statistics that I typically do after matches.