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Who is the greatest Manchester United player of the Sir Alex Ferguson era?

Opinions will obviously differ. Who though, do you feel is the greatest Manchester United player in the Sir Alex Ferguson era? Vote, and then have your say in the comments section.

Shaun Botterill

With the news of a Sir Alex Ferguson bronze statute about to be unveiled at Old Trafford on Friday, and with the recent praise for Paul Scholes that went around a few days ago when the little maestro turned 38-years-young, it got me thinking and I brought this up recently in one of our live match threads -- who is the greatest Manchester United player in the Sir Alex Ferguson era? I thought this might be a nice Monday morning distraction from the dreadful loss at Carrow Road on Saturday.

Countless trophies have been won during the 26+ years the legendary manager has been at the club -- okay, you can actually count them: 2 European Cups, 12 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, and a few other assorted ones as well -- and this logically has involved countless great players. Defining the greatest of those players, though, is obviously quite subjective and no universal methodology to select that player could ever be agreed upon by Manchester United supporters. 'Greatest' could mean the player who had the most dominant peak and reached the greatest heights at any given moment, it could account for longevity and prolonged greatness at Old Trafford, or it could be defined by some other criteria all together. Perhaps it's some sort of mix. Even if there was a defined methodology, difference of opinion would still result. To each their own.

Without going into it too much more, I thought I'd offer up the question to the community here as to who you believe is the greatest Red Devil since Sir Alex's arrival at the club. I think there a a few obvious candidates to narrow it down to but I offered up nine players in the poll below. Vote, and then, tell us why you voted for your specific United legend in the comments section below. These sort of conversations are one of the many privileges we have in supporting such a great football club. Have fun.