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Chelsea sack Roberto Di Matteo -- modern football is mad.

Roman Abramovich is a lunatic (football wise). Soon though, Sir Alex Ferguson will step away and Manchester United's patience will be tested too. Football is mad.

Mark Thompson

Roman Abramovich might be filthy rich. Roman Abramovich might be cunning. But when it comes to being a football owner, Roman Abramovich has the patience of a fat child being restrained from birthday cake.

Manchester United obviously have a bitter rivalry in recent years with Chelsea FC. However, at least to me, it's sad on many levels that Roberto Di Matteo has been sacked. For one, this is a man who had a decent career at the West London club as a player and he's a man respected by their supporters. Okay, I get it -- if Ole Gunnar Sokjaer comes back to United to manage someday and doesn't live up to expectations, we can gladly relieve him of him of his duties. However, Di Matteo won Abramovich his holy grail just six months ago -- the European Cup. That's the greatest prize in club football! Although Chelsea might soon be out of the UEFA Champions League -- with a squad of clear flaws -- they're still in clear contention with Manchester United and Manchester City for the Premier League title. Both Manchester clubs, though, have clear flaws and quite honestly, there hasn't been a great team in England since the United side from 2006-09.

Anyway, this a reactionary post without many clear ideas. Think about this though -- even if Abramovich wanted Pep Guardiola, a man of so much principle by all accounts, why would the Catalan man want to work for such a fickle club. The Russian owner is man who would sack Sir Alex Ferguson (presumably) -- the greatest manager in the football's history -- if he went two seasons without a trophy. I'd be shocked if Guardiola ever took that job without any significant guarantees.

Football is obviously a big money business now. It is incredible fickle -- perhaps increasingly so because of the money -- and it's maddening. Enjoy these times now Manchester United fans because we have such a great leader now and it will soon end. I'm fearful that we'll soon be fickle, impatient, and not trusting of Ferguson's soon-to-be successor. That's natural. That's modern football. Let's hope we're not as mad.