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Statistics & Post-Match Quotes | Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United

Statistics and post-match quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson, Roberto Mancini, Robin van Persie, and Wayne Rooney.

Clive Mason


The Busby Babe



Shots (on target)

18 (9) 10 (3)

Total Passes Completed

395 267

Passing Accuracy

82% 72%

Ball Possession

56% 44%

Tackles won

16 28


18 15


12 9


8 2


4 4


* David de Gea (goalkeeper): 10/18 passing (56%), 2 goals conceded, 7 saves

* Rio Ferdinand (right-center-back): 20/30 passing (67%), 0 chances created, 7/10 long balls, 1 tackle, 1 interception, 10 clearances (8 clearances), 1 shot blocked, 2 fouls

* Jonny Evans (left-center-back | substituted off 49'): 15/21 passing (71%), 0 chances created, 1/4 long balls, 2 tackles, 1 interception, 8 clearances (4 effective), 0 shots blocked, 1 foul

* Rafael (right-back): 21/35 passing (60%), 1 chance created, 1/2 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 2 successful dribbles, 3 tackles, 3 interceptions, 6 clearances (4 effective), 0 shots blocked, 0 fouls, 1 assist

* Patrice Evra (left-back): 22/27 passing (81%), 0 chances created, 0/1 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0 successful dribbles, 5 tackles, 1 interception, 1 clearance (0 effective), 0 shots blocked, 1 foul

* Michael Carrick (central-midfield): 44/60 passing (73%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 5/6 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 4 interceptions, 0 shots

* Tom Cleverley (central-midfield | substituted off 88'): 33/39 passing (85%), 2 chances created, 1/1 crosses, 3/6 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 2 shots (0 on target)

* Antonio Valencia (right-winger | substituted off 85'): 28/35 passing (80%), 0 chances created, 0/5 crosses, 1/2 long balls, 0/2 through balls, 3 successful dribbles, 0 fouls won, 4 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 shots

* Ashley Young (left-winger): 20/30 passing (67%), 1 chance created, 0/2 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 3 fouls won, 3 tackles, 2 interceptions, 0 shots, 1 assist

* Wayne Rooney (secondary-striker): 29/40 passing (73%), 2 chances created, 1/1 crosses, 4/4 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 1 foul won, 1 tackle, 1 interception, 2 shots (2 on target), 2 goals

* Robin van Persie (striker): 23/27 passing (85%), 0 chances created, 0/2 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 0/0 long balls, 1 successful dribble, 1 foul won, 5 shots (1 on target), 1 goal

* Chris Smalling (center-back| substituted on 49'): 2/5 passing (40%), 0 chances created, 0/2 long balls, 3 tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 clearance (0 effective), 1 shot blocked, 0 fouls

* Phil Jones (central-midfield | substituted on 85'): 1/2 passing (50%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 shots

* Danny Welbeck (right-winger | substituted on 88'): 1/2 passing (50%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 0/1 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 1 tackle, 0 interceptions, 0 shots


Sir Alex Ferguson | MUFC manager (courtesy of MUTV)

(On the result and overall thoughts...) "We've done it to City in the past of course but this was special simply because they hadn't lost at home for two years. Both of us are contenders at the top of the league and it was an incredible game, you couldn't take your eyes off it. The intensity, passion, competitiveness... everything was there. And you've got to give credit to City for the way they keep going and for scoring late goals. They've done it again today against us. Fortunately we got the last one that counted."

(On RvP's winner...) "You know Robin's capable of that. It took a little deflection but it was a wicked hit and I'm really delighted it's flown in."

(On if Manchester United were deserved winners... ) "Absolutely. I think we played very well. I thought we were really fantastic today with some of our football and the game should have been out of sight in the second half with the number of chances we had. It's a funny game, football - it would have been 3-0 with a goal [by Ashley Young] that was perfectly onside. Instead they go up the park and score [to make it 2-1] within minutes. That's the kind of game football is, it can kick you in the teeth that way. I also thought we should have had a penalty kick because I thought Patrice Evra was brought down. But there'll always be controversial decisions in a match like that because there are so many things happening."

(On the attack...) "I thought our front four did well in all their different ways. As I said a couple of occasions back, Wayne needs games and that's why I played him on Wednesday against Cluj. We were hoping that Antonio would be fit, he was touch and go but he wanted to play and showed again what a fantastic asset he is to us. Van Persie kept them on the back foot all the time and I thought Ashley Young played a great part. I thought attacking-wise we did very well."

(On United's defending and on City's comeback...) "And of course after all the controversy about our defending, I thought we defended well today, I really did. City kept fighting, they kept battling and they've got this great record of scoring late goals. City scored a second goal and they deserved it. At that point, you're saying to yourself, 'I'll take the draw.' But up to that point, I thought we were far better than them."

(On the title race...) "When you count the points up in May, I hope it [this win] is significant. Derby games like today are significant if you win them, there's no question about that. I hope it's really significant come the end of the season."

(On Ferdinand being hit by a coin and on the pitch invader...) "It was disappointing that a supporter ran on the field after Rio had been hit by a coin in the eye. It's a bit disappointing. The game didn't deserve that. I don't know whether they're going to stitch it or not. The same thing happened at Chelsea with all the carry-on when half a seat hit Michael Carrick and coins and lighters were thrown on. The game doesn't need that.

Robin van Persie | MUFC striker (courtesy of Sky Sports)

(On his winner and his overall thoughts...) ""Anything will do, just to win. We had a really good start because of Wayne, two really good clinical finishes, good attacks and then we were in control. City always come back, so we knew that, and it's a really special way to end the game: with the three points in a romantic way."

(More on his winner...) "Wazza asked me: 'What are you going to do? Are you going to shoot or cross it?' I said: 'I think I'll have a shot.'"

Wayne Rooney | MUFC striker (courtesy of Sky Sports)

(Overall thoughts...) "It's a great day for us, to go six points clear and beat our greatest rivals, especially after what happened last year. We've waited a long time for this to happen and I'm sure everybody at the club, all the fans... we know how much it means to them and we're delighted. We're going to celebrate. They've had a great record here and to spoil that is a great feeling."

(On the late-match dramatics...) "To be fair it's been like that all season [as Rooney smiles]. To lose a two-goal lead... to be fair we were hanging on a little bit at the end. They had a couple of chances, but a bit of magic got us the three points."

(On RvP's winner...) "It was obviously a difficult angle, but a player of Robin's ability... we work on that together at the training ground. I had no doubt he could score from there and thankfully he's won us the game."

Roberto Mancini | MCFC manager (courtesy of

(Overall thoughts...) "It's very hard to lose a derby, but even more so in the last minute so I'm very disappointed. We dominated the second-half and for this reason, I am really disappointed. They scored from their first two goal-scoring opportunities but after that, we dominated the game and fought back really well, but we can't then give a goal away after working so hard. I think we made a mistake for the Van Persie free-kick at the end by only putting three men in the wall. I wanted four but I couldn't get the instruction over and I think that cost us the goal. We should have defended this free-kick better and we had chances to win this game, but there is nothing we can do about it now."

(On Mario Balotelli...) "Mario didn't do what we wanted him to do today, but he has incredible ability and I love him as a person and a player, but he needs to produce that talent during games. He is young and has talent and I thought he could cause United a lot of problems. I don't want him to waste all the talent he has."

(On the title race...) "We can still win the Premier League and the FA Cup, despite this defeat. Nothing has changed for us - we need to work hard but there is a long way to go. We have proved before we can win the title from situations like this. We have the players and the spirit to recover and I believe we will still win the Premier League and FA Cup double."