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Sunderland Q&A -- Give us your questions!

Provide us your questions for our upcoming Q&A exchange with Sunderland site Roker Report.

Paul Thomas

What a massive hangover euphoria the Manchester derby gave us all last weekend. We've even had a rare blank midweek to free us all of a quick turnover so that we can further soak in the glory of Manchester United's dramatic victory at the Etihad. Next up, though, is a Premier League tie on Saturday with Sunderland at Old Trafford. Once again, we've arranged for a Q&A ahead of that match -- this time with probably the best Sunderland site out there: Roker Report. I highly recommend checking them out this week for coverage on the club they support.

The Black Cats have struggled this season but they are coming off an impressive league win versus Reading yesterday. What do you want to know about Martin O'Neill's side? This Q&A is your opportunity to offer up questions that will that will get answers from supporters who can provide you in-depth knowledge about the club they love and follow on a daily basis. Give us your questions!