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Statistics & Post-Match Quotes| Manchester United 3-1 Sunderland

Statistics and post-match quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson, Phil Jones, Martin O'Neill, and Connor Wickham

Clive Mason


The Busby Babe



Shots (on target)

16 (5) 15 (7)

Total Passes Completed

447 228

Passing Accuracy

86% 74%

Ball Possession

62% 38%

Tackles won

15 23


5 22


13 10


9 9


2 1


* David de Gea (goalkeeper): 7/15 passing (47%), 1 goal conceded, 6 saves

* Rio Ferdinand (right-center-back | substituted off 68'): 46/49 passing (94%), 0 chances created, 1/2 long balls, 1 tackle, 0 interceptions, 4 clearances (2 effective), 1 shot blocked, 0 fouls

* Chris Smalling (left-center-back): 39/41 passing (95%), 0 chances created, 4/5 long balls, 1 tackle, 3 interceptions, 13 clearances (7 effective), 0 shots blocked, 2 fouls

* Phil Jones (right-back): 43/53 passing (81%), 2 chances created, 2/4 crosses, 2/3 long balls, 1 successful dribble, 3 tackles, 0 interceptions, 10 clearances (6 effective), 0 shots blocked, 0 fouls

* Patrice Evra (left-back): 41/48 passing (85%), 1 chance created, 1/3 crosses, 2/4 long balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 1 shot blocked, 3 fouls

* Michael Carrick (central-midfield | substituted off 46'): 41/45 passing (91%), 1 chance created, 0/0 crosses, 4/6 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 1 tackle, 1 interception, 1 shot (0 on target), 1 assist

* Tom Cleverley (central-midfield | substituted off 73'): 46/50 passing (92%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 2/3 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 2 shots (1 on target), 1 goal

* Antonio Valencia (right-winger): 40/49 passing (82%), 1 chance created, 1/4 long balls, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 0 fouls won, 1 tackle, 0 interceptions, 1 shot (0 on target)

* Ashley Young (left-winger): 37/41 passing (90%), 1 chance created, 2/6 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 1/1 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 2 fouls won, 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 2 shots (1 on target)

* Wayne Rooney (secondary-striker): 46/54 passing (85%), 3 chances created, 1/3 crosses, 2/4 long balls, 1/1 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 1 foul won, 4 shots (1 on target), 1 goal

* Robin van Persie (striker): 15/22 passing (68%), 4 chances created, 2/4 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 0/1 through balls, 2 successful dribbles, 3 fouls won, 4 shots (2 on target), 1 goal, 1 assist

* Paul Scholes (central-midfield | substituted on 46'): 30/33 passing (91%), 0 chances created, 0/0 crosses, 5/5 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 3 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 shots

* Nemanja Vidic (center-back | substituted on 68'): 7/10 passing (70%), 0 chances created, 0/2 long balls, 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 2 clearances (1 effective), 0 shots blocked, 0 fouls

* Ryan Giggs (central-midfield | substituted on 73'): 9/9 passing (100%), 0 chances created, 0/2 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 2 tackles, 1 interception, 0 shots


Sir Alex Ferguson | MUFC manager (courtesy of MUTV)

(Overall thoughts...) ""A lot of our football was fantastic and some of our interchange play was terrific. I don't know if we relaxed when we went 3-0 up or if Sunderland got a grip of the game, but towards the end they played very well and could have scored two or three goals. Some of our play was fantastic and we should've scored more. Tom Cleverley's goal was a marvellous piece of interchange play, a first time finish and a really superb goal which epitomised the way we were playing at that point. I'd no complaints for an hour and it was wonderful to watch."

(On Manchester United's two front men...) "We don't pick out Robin van Persie's runs as well as we should - his movement is great and he kept them on the back foot. But Wayne could've scored three of four goals, he hit the bar and missed two or three chances in the first half. But he got one which is important as it keeps his run going."

(On Sunderland...) "Sunderland deserved a goal because they worked so hard for it. They had a lot of injuries in the second half, they're a youngish team and they kept going. I don't think they are going to have any problems, I see quite a reasonable team there."

(On Cleverley...) "Cleverley did very well in the derby and deserved his position. We have a lot of options in midfield with Anderson, who is injured at the moment, Darren Fletcher, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. People says we're weak in midfield but these are very good players. Sometimes it gives me a problem with selecting the correct two but today (Saturday) was very simple though because Carrick and Cleverley deserved to play after last week."

(On the nice ovation Vidic got on his latest return...) "He is a warrior and a captain who has always battled for you. He sticks his head on the ball in that penalty box and he's great at that."

(On Jones starting for Rafael...) "Rafael has a tight hamstring so we didn't risk him against Sunderland. But having Vidic back means I've got all of my defenders fit which will help us in the next few games."

Phil Jones | MUFC defender (courtesy of MUTV)

(Overall thoughts....) "We're in a great position in the league now and hopefully we can stay there and maintain our good form. We probably should have scored more than three today. We created numerous chances which we should have put away and on another day we could have scored six or seven. But as long as we score a few more than the opposition then that will do us. Some of our football was brilliant - we popped it around really well with some nice one-touch passing and we created a lot of chances."

(On Sunderland's late resurgence...) "Sunderland had a right good go in the last 25 minutes or so and it was a pretty much a backs to wall job and then trying to hit them on the counter-attack. They scored a goal which was a scruffy one to concede on our behalf, but the main thing is we got the three points. That was all that matters."

(More general thoughts...) "I'm just happy to be back playing and hopefully I can force my way back into the team. There are a lot of games coming up. The Christmas period is never an easy one, but we've got a great squad and hopefully we can keep everyone fit."

Martin O'Neill | Sunderland manager (courtesy of

(On United's opening goal...) "Their first goal was a mistake on our part and we probably should have dealt with it better. At that point it could have got a little bit more frenetic."

(On Sunderland's late resurgence...) "It was a really spirited performance in the second half. We improved and created some very good chances. It could have made for a really interesting finish, but we were unable to put them away. [Stephane] Sessegnon helped us get our goal back but we were unable to reduce the deficit any further, which was naturally disappointing with the chances we had. We can take a lot of heart from the second-half performance. There are a lot of big games coming up and they're going to be important for us."

Connor Wickham | Sunderland striker (courtesy of

(Overall thoughts...) "The boys knew we didn't perform well in the first half and we had to pick ourselves up. The manager made his thoughts clear at half-time and we knew what we needed to do. For me coming on the start of the second half, I knew I had to do all I could to at least try and get us back in the game. I thought I did quite well and it was a better performance in the second half."

(On what his focus was when he came on...) "I always aim to get in the box and create chances, and I think we do create quite a few chances in games as a team. It's just about getting enough people in the box to try and finish them off. We know we could have reduced the deficit further - we had chances and could have buried them. The boys know the first half was not up to scratch, but the second was obviously an improvement."