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Highlights, Statistics, & Post-Match Quotes | Manchester United 2-0 Stoke City


For those in the United States, the following video -- which is from the same host as the video above -- may provide better viewing clarity:

<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="">PL Highlights: Man Utd/Stoke</a>


The Busby Babe



Shots (on target)

12 (2) 9 (2)

Total Passes

781 216

Passing Accuracy

88% 71%

Ball Possession

75% 25%

Tackles won

15 12


10 16


10 15


9 2


1 0


* Ben Amos (goalkeeper): 23/29 passing (79%), 0 goals conceded, 2 saves

* Jonny Evans (right-center-back): 96/106 passing (91%), 1 key pass, 8/12 long balls, 3 tackles, 1 interception, 2 clearances, 1 shot blocked, 0 fouls, 1/6 aerial duels (17%)

* Rio Ferdinand (left-center-back): 82/85 passing (96%), 0 key passes, 9/9 long balls, 0 tackles, 1 interception, 9 clearances, 0 shots blocked, 0 fouls, 4/9 aerial duels (44%)

* Chris Smalling (right-back): 65/74 passing (88%), 0 key passes, 2/3 long balls, 2/2 crosses, 1 tackles, 0 interceptions, 5 clearances, 0 shots blocked, 3 fouls, 1/3 aerial duels (33%)

* Patrice Evra (left-back): 67/76 passing (88%), 0 key passes, 1/2 long balls, 0/3 crosses, 1 tackle, 2 interceptions, 3 clearances, 0 shots blocked, 1 foul, 1/4 aerial duels (25%)

* Michael Carrick (central-midfield): 129/141 passing (91%), 2 key passes, 6/6 long balls, 0/2 crosses, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 fouls won, 1 tackle, 1 interception, 3 shots (0 on target)

* Paul Scholes (central-midfield): 113/126 passing (90%), 3 key passes, 13/19 long balls, 0/0 crosses, 0/0 through balls, 1 successful dribbles, 1 foul won, 1 tackle, 0 interceptions, 2 shots (0 on target)

* Antonio Valencia (right-winger): 64/78 passing (82%), 3 key passes, 1/7 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 5 successful dribbles, 2 fouls won, 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 2 shots (0 on target)

* Park Ji-sung (left-midfielder): 58/65 passsing (89%), 0 key passes, 0/2 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 1 successful dribble, 5 fouls won, 5 tackles, 2 interceptions, 0 shots

* Javier Hernandez (striker | substituted off 73'): 20/26 passing (77%), 0 key passes, 0/1 crosses, 0/0 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 1 foul won, 1 shot (1 on target), 1 goal (penalty)

* Dimitar Berbatov (striker): 43/53 passing (81%), 1 key pass, 0/2 crosses, 1/1 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 0 successful dribbles, 0 fouls won, 2 shots (1 on target), 1 goal (penalty)

* Paul Pogba (central-midfielder | substituted on 73'): 21/24 passing (88%), 0 key passes, 0/3 crosses, 3/3 long balls, 0/0 through balls, 3 successful dribbles, 1 foul won, 0 tackles, 3 interceptions, 2 shots (0 on target)


Sir Alex Ferguson | MUFC manager (courtesy of MUTV)

(On third-choice Ben Amos' start after the injuries to Anders Lindegaard and David de Gea...) "Anders got injured in training and then David got injured at the end of training, so we had a right nightmare there," Sir Alex said. "Ben Amos didn’t have a lot to do but he was confident and he was composed. I’m pleased with that."

(Overall thoughts on both the match and on the current state of the title race...) "It’s a good night for us, of course. But what I’m most pleased about is our own performance. I thought our football was terrific. We kept our composure, we were very patient. Okay, we won with two penalty kicks but I think the manner in which we played our football was the most important thing. It’s still early doors [in terms of the title race]. It’s only the last day in January. I always say that March is a very important month, as well as the beginning of April. We play Manchester City in April, for instance."

(On looking ahead to Sunday's clash at Stamford Bridge...) "We’re hopeful Wayne Rooney, Nani and possibly Ashley Young will be fit for Sunday."

(On the penalties converted by Chicharito and Berbatov...) "It was a very good penalty. But he [Chicharito] takes them for Mexico so it wasn't a problem. Dimitar thought he was going to take the first one so he took the second one and he scored too so we're pleased with that. It has been a good night."

(On promising youngster Ravel Morrison moving to West Ham...) "In the case of Ravel it's been quite well documented. I think he's better out of Manchester. He's got a great talent but it's how to deal with it that is important."

Ben Amos | MUFC goalkeeper (courtesy of MUTV)

(Overall thoughts on his Premier League debut...) "It feels really good. I’ve obviously been waiting a long time for an opportunity this season and thankfully it’s come and I’d like to think I’ve made the most of it. Obviously there were a few nerves but that’s healthy, to have a few nerves before you come out. I just played my own game really and it was a good result tonight."

(On being patient as United's third-choice 'keeper...) "I feel I’ve been ready to play at this level all season. It can be frustrating when the chances don’t come around but you’ve got to be ready when something like that [injuries to De Gea and Lindegaard] happens. When it does happen, you’re thrown straight in as I was tonight. All I can do is go out and do the best I can, and put pressure on the other goalkeepers in training and try and get a chance in the games. But it’s the manager’s decision."

(On whether he wished he was involved more during United's dominant performance...) "In a sense I did, but I also didn’t want to go and chase things to try and make an impact. I just wanted to be positive about any decisions I had to make."

(On his side's converted penalties and overall thoughts on the match...) "They were obviously really cool under pressure and kept their heads. I was happy to see them both go in, and we could have had another penalty later on. I thought we controlled the game really quite well throughout. We deserved to win tonight."