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Sir Alex Ferguson is hopeful for a new Paul Pogba contract

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I think I share the same sentiment as every Manchester United supporter when I state the obvious wish of hoping that Paul Pogba -- whose contract expires in the summer -- signs a new contract to stay at Old Trafford. We don't want this to be another Ravel Morrision situation. In Pogba's situation though, he doesn't have the legal baggage of Morrison and it appears that the work of agents has complicated the process of getting his contract extended at United. There have also been rumblings that Pogba may desire more first-team opportunity for the current season.

One thing that Pogba shares with Morrison is their undeniable talent. The Frenchman has been compared to Patrick Viera -- perhaps though because of his nationality and the color of his skin. Pogba exhibits comparable athleticism to Viera and shows hints of having similar bite in midfield but the youngster also displays fantastic technical ability and attacking prowess. The 18-year-old is scouted to be more of a box-to-box type player and during his Premier League debut last night when he came on as a substitute, he was deployed as the most advanced player in a midfield trio. Although the match versus Stoke City had essentially been decided when Pogba came on, he still was able to showcase his talents and provide a glimpse of his promise to the Old Trafford faithful.

Just as United supporters are, manager Sir Alex Ferguson is keen on extending the contract of Pogba. Here is what the United boss told the BBC in regards to this situation:

"Pogba did very well. The boy has great talent and tremendous physique for an 18-year-old. You can't believe it. We are negotiating his contract at the moment. It is a bit complicated at the moment because he has changed his agent a couple of times. But the boy wants to stay, that is obvious. Hopefully we can get it done soon."

Source: BBC

Regular playing time on United's first-team may be difficult to come by for Pogba during the current season when considering the return from retirement of Paul Scholes, and also the upcoming injury recoveries of Tom Cleverley and Anderson. In addition, United only remain in two competitions now -- Premier League and Europa League -- so there isn't the soft-landing of domestic cup matches remaining on the fixture list. However, Pogba is only 18-years-old and if he -- along with some United fans -- are growing impatient, that is something that is important to keep in mind. If his contract is extended, it is almost certain that he will be given every opportunity in the summer to earn a regular role in the squad. Fergie's recent ways of working youngsters Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley, and Phil Jones into the squad is indicative of that.