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Sir Alex Ferguson eyeing up an ambassadorial role with Manchester United

We bow down to you Fergie!!!!  (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
We bow down to you Fergie!!!! (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Sir Alex Ferguson gave an interveiw to Radio Five Live that will air tonight at 7pm tonight (GMT) in which he spoke about a wide range of subjects. I highly reccomend you read the article (A sneak peak of the whole interview yet revealing none the less). It is now common knowledge that he will hand over the reigns of the top job of the club in two or three seasons time, but what will he do after that?

He claims he wants a role similar to what Sir Bobby Charlton undertakes. And ambassador for the club. And I can't see the club turning him down, can you? He really is Mr Manchester United and I think it would be a smart move too. He is such a powerful influence in football and enough is not said about his natrual charm. Everybody knows he can scream and yell (Hairdryer treatment), yet the other side of his personality is overlooked.

He will be able to give his thoughts to the board on the clubs direction as well, without becoming involved in first team matters (Which he should be kept away from when he does step down). His wife also wants him to stay "active" and suggested he become a milkman! (Imagine that)

He talks about a mistake he made in recent years in the transfer market too....

He claims he could have signed Joe Hart from Shrewsbury in 2006

"I could have bought Joe Hart for £100,000 so we all make mistakes. I've no doubt [that Hart will be England goalkeeper for the next 10 years]. If you look at the England goalkeeper situation for the last 20 years, I would think he's easily the best."

High praise, but in my opinion justified too. Imagine if we had Joe Hart in goal for us in the for he has been in this season. You could argue that we would be in the Champions league, FA Cup and top of the Premier League.....

Hart made the move to City for £600,000 in the end. He spent time out on loan at Birmingham in which he gained valuable first team experience and he is set to play in his first major international tournament this summer. He may well Captain the side too, with some speculating he should be offered the position after Terry was stripped of the honour.

But hell, even Fergie makes mistakes. And it is not as though David De Gea is lacking in potential either.

Anway, with interveiws such as these, it makes you think what will happen to the club after the fergie years. Who will succeed him, will we stay successful etc. Feel free to add any thoughts!