Sir Alex Ferguson interveiw


Here is a link to the Sir Alex Ferguson interview, featured on BBC Radio 5 Live. Not sure it will work for readers outside of the UK, but click it to try just on the off chance. It is well worth an hour of any Manchester United fan's time. Fergie talks about his horses he owns. He uses them as a release from football. I feel his ability to unwind is why he has been at the top of the game for so long. He talks about his Grandkids too (11 of them). When asked if they fear their Grandfather or Grandmother more, Fergie chirped as quick as an instant, "Her, it is like a military operation down there" His sense of humor really comes across. So little is said about his charm. He also talks football as well. I stress again, this really is a fantastic interview, a rare insight into the great man that is Sir Alex!