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Give us your questions ahead of Saturday's clash between Manchester United and Liverpool

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Saturday brings another round of the biggest rivalry in the Barclay's Premier League. Manchester United vs Liverpool at Old Trafford. This matchup comes on the heels of the 4th round FA Cup tie at the end of January and figures to be just as exciting as that affair. Hopefully for us United fans, Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney, and the rest of the Red Devils can leave victorious this time.

The editor/authors here put together an impromptu Q&A with our sister site, Anfield Asylum, at that time. For this fixture we are hoping for your input as well. Please feel free to ask whatever question comes to mind but keep it in good taste. Obviously Luis Suarez is a lightning rod for debate but good questions are more than welcome on the subject. If you would like to hear why Andy Carroll looks like a meth head more and more by the day, ask. To get to the bottom of how its possible that Kenny Dalglish hasn't realized that Stewart Downing is left-footed, throw that in the comments as well.

The Busby Babe member and Anfield Asylum author, Bromantic(Adam), will be our guest for this exchange. Please read his comments from two weeks ago here. He provided some in-depth answers then, and I'm sure he will do the same this round.