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Ravel Morrison Watch: One Week in and he is Already in Trouble

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Ravel Morrison has only been a West Ham United player for just a shade over a week. But that has been ample time for him to show the world nother reason why Manchester United got rid of him. The FA has wrote to him to get him to explain some "Homophobic comments" on social networking site Twitter. From the Daily Mail

Ravel Morrison will be hauled in front of senior West Ham staff on Thursday to explain the homophobic comments he made on Twitter.

The FA have written to the 19-year-old, who has yet to play for West Ham following his £650,000 move from Manchester United, asking for his ‘observations’ on the matter. Morrison has until Monday to respond.

The midfielder has deleted the offending tweet, but still faces an FA charge.

So, a whole week and he has landed himself in trouble. He hasn't even played a game. Man is he a magnet for trouble. And it is becoming clearer and clearer why Sir Alex Ferguson decided to rid the club of his oversized ego.

Am I being too harsh on him? Hell, he is young, we all make mistakes. But I can't help feeling that he is wasting his fantastic talent. It will be interesting to watch how he progresses at West Ham United. No doubt he has a fantastic manager with Sam Allardyce at the helm. He, who has guided players such as El Haj Diouf, who has been no stranger to controversy in his time. As harsh as I have been. I do hope he fufills his potential at West Ham