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Transfer Rumour: Eden Hazard flattered with Manchester United link

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The much coveted winger Eden Hazard has responded to recent speculation of a move to Manchester united, according to Sky Sports.

"This is a club that excites everyone, but for now my focus is on Lille.

"But yes, it is a pleasure to be watched by one of the best coaches in the world, if not the best.

Source - La Voix du Nord

Sir Alex Ferguson watched Lille on Saturday night, and is thought to have been scouting the young Belgium winger who is one of the most sought after talents in world football.

A couple of problems before everybody goes overboard with excitement. We have no money in the bank. We have probably the strongest set of wingers in the Premier League, and the fact every club and their dog want Hazard at their club, thus even if we do want him, how can we afford to get into a bidding war?

The lack of Champions League Knockout football means we have had a lack of revenue, most notably from TV rights (Channel 5 don't pay as much as Sky Sports). The debt interests still need to be paid off though........

Why get another winger? Well, maybe their is hope there. Maybe Eden Hazard can evolve into a David Silva type player, who works in between the lines and causes havoc for the opposition defense. All our wingers are different, but that is maybe one thing we lack. To nick a phrase of Gene.... A Can Opener

Give us your thoughts on the Hazard link. Is he what we need? Can we afford him?