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Dimitar Berbatov set for summer exit according to his agent

This photo does well to sum up Berba's situation at United...
This photo does well to sum up Berba's situation at United...

According to Dimitar Berbatov's agent -- Emil Danchev -- the Bulgarian striker is set for a summer exit from Manchester United. This certainly is far from surprising for anyone who has been following the situation. This really isn't news and Sweet science even reported last week quotes from manager Sir Alex Ferguson saying that his striker will be looking elsewhere after the season. But I thought actual quotes from Berbatov's agent confirming that his client is likely to leave England were post worthy:

"I had three meetings with Alex Ferguson. We should accept that he'll try to build a team for the next three or four years and Berbatov will not be part of this team. Ferguson wants to change the playing style, to implement more speed. I was pleased with United's position as they said they'll not oppose Berbatov's move in the summer. Dimitar will most probably leave England but he doesn't want to move to the U.S., Japan, United Arab Emirates or championships like these."

- Danchev | Source: Sky Sports

One part of that quote that caught my attention was about Fergie's desire to implement more speed. The likes of Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Nani, Ashley Young, and Tom Cleverley offer this along with their versatility allowing for a fluid and interchangeable attack. In addition, Antonio Valencia and Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) offer pace as well but with a more traditional attacking style -- direct wing play from the Ecuadorian and natural poaching with working the channels from the Mexican. United seem to have their foundation set in attack for the next few years but they may need to find the personnel in midfield along with the right tactics to compliment their attackers. The latter has always been about finding that right balance between attacking prowess and defensive stability.

No one denies that Berbatov is a fantastic player but his style was never a perfect fit at United. I personally will always be grateful for his 2010-11 season because if it weren't for his terrific early season form, the club still is level with Liverpool on 18 titles. I hope he finds a good situation elsewhere and once again entertains football fans with his sublime genius. He is a treat to watch on his day.