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Mario Gotze won't be coming to Old Trafford this summer

Mario Gotze's contract extension ties him with Borussia Dortmund until 2016
Mario Gotze's contract extension ties him with Borussia Dortmund until 2016

Just over a month ago, the agent of Borussia Dortmund star Mario Gotze -- Dirk Hebel -- mentioned Manchester United as one of clubs that he's had contact with in regards to his highly rated client. While flattering to be loosely linked to the immensely talented youngster, I think the general feeling amongst United supporters was skepticism over this possible move to Old Trafford. This certainly wasn't because we wouldn't love to have the 19-year-old, but this possibility seemed unlikely and even more so when it was revealed just days after Hebel's comments that United only have in the region of £50 million in their bank balance. A move for Gotze would literally come close to depleting that account. Well, if you happen to be a happy and optimistic soul that held out hope that the youngster was possibly on his way to United still, I have crushing news for you -- Gotze has signed an extension to his current contract and it ties him to Dortmund until 2016.

I guess the glass is half-full approach to this would be that at least Gotze won't be donning the shirt of Manchester City, Chelsea, or Arsenal anytime soon either. In addition, Dortmund -- the current Bundesliga champions and the current leaders during this campaign -- are a joy to watch for the neutral football observer. Their manager, Jurgen Klopp, has implemented an intense pressing scheme into the young squad and the unison with which they do it can be breathtaking. Staying at Westfalenstadion for another four seasons, alongside the plethora of young talented players at Klopp's disposal, Gotze will likely continue to improve and he perhaps will become world-class one day.

The 'Mega Millions' lottery in the United States is currently at $363 million -- I hope David Gill bought a ticket. With those winnings, perhaps he can buy Javi Martinez and Luka Modric -- and also buy back Cristiano Ronaldo. And when this happens, he can then bring about world peace for mankind, eliminate world hunger, and save the whales.