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PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United 4 - 4 Everton

The man with the big hair outmuscled the wee fella all day.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
The man with the big hair outmuscled the wee fella all day. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

What must have been a fantastic match for the neutral, was a horror show for any Manchester United fan. The way we let our two goal lead slip was pathetic. The defending was atrocious. Do not expect the majority of these to be pretty.

A score of 1 being the lowest (Liam Miller standard), 10 being the highest (Messi like) A score of 6 will be standard, 7 is solid, a very good game will get an 8, 9 is good for outstanding and 10 is unplayable. 10's will be very rare. Not only will they have to play the game of their life, but it will usually come against a team of good quality or in a big match (Finals, championship deciding game's etc.)

David De Gea - Let in four goals, but really couldn't do alot about them. Maybe could have stopped Felliani's volley. But that would have been outstanding. Flapped at corner early on though. 5.5/10

Rafael - No. Not what we needed. DIdn't get tight to his man on the first goal. Jelavic peeled off him. If he had jumped with him, I doubt the header is able to be scored. The fourth goal was terrible. Let Felliani bully him and turn him to tee up Steven Pienaar. Can't afford to allow attackers that much room, especially in our own box. 1.5/10

Jonny Evans - Looked a shadow of form this season. Jelavic's clever movement caused him problems and Felliani's ariel ability seemed to get the better of him. Did make some decent blocks. He is willing to put his body on the line and I do like that. However he and Rio climbed for the same ball for the 3rd. A lack of communication? A lack of.... Well, just lacking 3.5/10

Rio Ferdinand - He is the man in the back four. He is the man that should be the boss. He should be organising. But there was everything but organisation in the defense today. Almost grabbed a stunning equaliser, but Tim Howard would have been dismayed had he let in the left footed strike. 4/10

Patrice Evra - It is games like these when we need an inspiring captain. Do you feel Keane would have let this happen. Or our currant skipper, the injured Nemanja Vidic? Patrice Evra was not the figure we needed him to be. Outshone his other fullback, but a black hole would have been brighter than Rafael today 5/10

Antonio Valencia - Looked dangerous at times, but really threatened little. Sylvan Dystan is a good defender and it showed today. However a lack of service didn't help his cause, which leads me nicely on too..... 5.5/10

Paul Scholes & Micheal Carrick - Never really had control of the game. When Manchester United go two goals up, you expect us to then dominate possession and kill the game off. The fact we couldn't kill the game off the first time, let alone the second is very worrying. Everton done well to stifle their influence throughout the game and it was a testament to them that Scholes was hauled off when their 4th went in, for the younger, fresher legs of Phil Jones. 4.5/10

Nani - Looked assured in his first start for United in a long time. Threatened early with a powerful shot, but was straight down Howard's throat. Came up with a cross any striker would dream of for Rooney's first. Right in front of the goal from 6 yards. And linked up superbly with Welbeck for his own goal, timing his run very well. Maybe dropped next week if Sir Alex wants a more solid lineup. 8.5/10

Wayne Rooney - Another two goals. Should have been enough to win the match. Finishing from inside the box is deadly. Also improved his passing and touch to help our build up play, but still not quite firing on all cylinders. 8/10

Danny Welbeck - That's the second game in a row that he has put in a blinding performance. Everything about his effort today was fantastic. Any striker in the world dreams of scoring goals like his yesterday. But still wasn't finished as he then made two goals. A beautifully weighted pass for Nani and then an amazing link up with Rooney. The dummy and then the simple pass. Just far too much class. Wonderful. 8.5/10

(Im going to explain. Felliani was the best player on the pitch, but I wouldn't have given him any higher than a 9. So that is why I have held back from a 9 for Danny)


Phil Jones - Not enough time to really sink his teeth into the game. But the one thing that sticks out is a horrible pass when when we needed quality. 5/10

Chicarito - Far too little time to rate. Should have been thrown on at least four minutes sooner N/A

Team Performance - Only three players really showed up today. The rest lacked any kind of fight. Not to worry, it's not as though number twenty means anything does it. I have banged on about this far too many times, but I will say it once more. The way Manchester United gave away the two goal leads, it's as though we are giving the Premier League title away like a cheap hooker. We have a habit of making things hard for ourselves. Perhaps we may have made this slightly too hard. With City now flying, and us dropping 5 points from our last 3 games, next Monday night is one of the biggest Premier League games in years. 4/10