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Derby Day Discussion Thread

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Depending on your time zone, it's probably going to be a long and nervy sort of day for many Manchester United supporters as time ticks down to tonight's derby. If you want a place to vent or if you are need of derby discussion in order to calm those nerves, feel free to use this thread as an outlet. When lineups are announced -- at roughly 7:00pm BST -- I will post our usual live match thread. Until then, this one can help you pass the time. Here is some content on our derby coverage from this past week as well in case you missed anything and are in need of reading material:

* 'A Tactical Rewind Of This Season's Two Manchester Derbies'

* 'What is Squeaky Bum Time?'

* Manchester City Scouting Report

* 'Liverpool or Manchester City? Who are Manchester United's main rivals?'

* Match Preview

* A suggested MUFC starting XI & approach for the derby