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PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United 2 - 0 Queens Park Rangers

Sign him up!  (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
Sign him up! (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Another day, another three points. With Manchester City losing to Arsenal, the title is tantalisingly close to being ours for the 20th time. QPR put up a good effort with 10 men for much of the game, but never threatened the United game. So here are the ratings for yesterday's game.

A score of 1 being the lowest ("Super" Mario Balotelli standard), 10 being the highest (Messi like) A score of 6 will be standard, 7 is solid, a very good game will get an 8, 9 is good for outstanding and 10 is unplayable. 10's will be very rare. Not only will they have to play the game of their life, but it will usually come against a team of good quality or in a big match (Finals, championship deciding game's etc.)

David De Gea - I'm actually not going to rate his performance. He touched the ball 14 times and had nothing to do. He might as well have stayed in bed..... N/A

Rafael - Parts of his performance were really pleasing. Grabbed an assist for the second goal (Although Scholes done all the hard work), worked his socks off and was a threat down the right. Other parts, not so great. Missed an easy chance when he received the ball in a great area. Also gives away needless fouls at times. However that is kind of a catch 22, because United fans love his tenaciousness. 6.5/10

Jonny Evans - Cannot believe how much he has improved on last year. From one of the worst defenders the top four or five clubs, to one of the best. He has been superb, and carried that on yesterday. Although QPR offered such little threat, he still made several very good blocks. 7.5/10

Rio Ferdinand - At the start of the season, I thought he was slipping. He has certainly lost a yard of pace, but a player of his class adapts. His reading of the game allows him to step up with great timing to cut the ball out, and intercept passes that kills attacks. Great stuff. 8/10

Patrice Evra - He too has turned his form around. The past three games, he really hasn't been terrible. Again, QPR did not test him too much. His best work came going forward (I will excuse his two wild shots). But I do remember a couple of one on ones where he came off best. A couple of moths ago, he was getting skinned alive far too easily. Will face stiffer tests, but is he trying to save his Manchester United career? Or will Fergie stick by him no matter what? 7.5/10

Antonio Valencia - Good but not brilliant, which he has been recently. I feel because QPR sat back so much, he couldn't get in behind as much as he would have liked. Also, I think Taiwo handled him.... fairly well. The left back's pace helped him out against the rapid winger. 7/10

Micheal Carrick - Him and Scholes ran the show. His passing was incisive and precise. Hit a thunderous shot too, which hit the inside of the post. Wish he would do that more often 8.5/10

Paul Scholes - Was a desperately good performance. Passing was classy. Switched the play effortlessly time and time again, found passes that split open the defense, kept possession and scored a fantastic 25 yard goal. Soak these performances up gentleman, they won't last forever... But hopefully they last until the end of next season (Sign him up, sign him up, sign him UP) 9/10

Ashley Young - Won the penalty, when Derry breathed on him. Movement was good, linked up very well. Put in some decent corners. Very intelligent player 7/10

Danny Welbeck - Finishing is just not good enough. Thankfully, it doesn't cost us, and won't cost us the title. Needs to work on it though during the summer. Once he does find his finishing boots though, he will be one of the League's best strikers. 6/10

Wayne Rooney - Thought he was very good. Found so much space and was spraying the ball about high up the pitch. Would like to see him play just a tad higher and be more direct. But he is still scoring goals, although it was from the spot yesterday (Great Peno) 8/10


Ryan Giggs - Honestly can't remember him having an impact. This is embarrassing.... 6/10

Tom Cleverley - Showed some nice touches around the box. Good passing range and worked hard. 6.5/10

Phil Jones - Surged forward in trademark fashion a couple of times. Nothing really to do in his own half. Game was dead and buried by the time he had entered. 6/10

Team Performance - Again, we got the job done. Nothing spectacular, but we are 8 points clear and now have a superior goal difference. It's a game that I feel City would have won by 5, however that is not important, because they also drop far too many points that should be easy wins. 7.5/10