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Manchester United set to be questioned by police over Bebe transfer

BEBEEEEE  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
BEBEEEEE (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Portugese police are set to question Manchester United regarding the transfer of Bebe in August 2010, according to a report from BBC Sport. Super agent Jorge Mendes, who also represents Cristiano Ronaldo, appears to have gained, with his company claiming £3M of the transfer fee which was in excess of £7M.

The review of the Bebe deal is part of a wider police probe into the finances of Guimaraes, who announced profits of £16.5m last year.

United have not been contacted by investigators at this stage and a spokesman stressed that "nobody is suggesting that we have done anything wrong".

BBC Sport

Im no expert on these kind of things, but it looks as though that the club has done nothing wrong, and are only going to be questioned to gather information in this particular case.

Bebe himself, who has spent the season on loan at Beskitas (He tore his ACL early on so has hardly played), has made no positive impact at Manchester United and I expect him to be offloaded in the summer. What a waste of £7M