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Eden Hazard is headed for Manchester... City? United?

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While speaking at an awards gala, and after being named Ligue 1 Player of the Year, Lille superstar Eden Hazard revealed that he will be plying his trade in Manchester next season. However, he didn't specify whether that would be for Manchester United or Manchester City.

"I am going to Manchester. The decision will be taken soon."

- Hazard

The Belgium international is a tremendous young talent and it's believed that he's been extensively scouted by manager Sir Alex Ferguson and United's team of scouts. However, speculation is that Hazard will likely be signing for City and not United. If he were to don the United red though next season, how might he fit in? In this examination of Hazard that I wrote a few weeks ago, I wrote this in the conclusion of the piece:

"Do we have a lot of wide attackers? Yeah. Do we have a lot of world-class players? No -- I'd argue only Wayne Rooney, a healthy Nemanja Vidic, and Paul Scholes on his day is what we have in that regard. Is Hazard a world-class player? No -- but the 21-year-old could very well develop into that -- and he may not be far away."

I still feel the same way. I would gladly welcome him to United.