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Manchester City issue an apology for Carlos Tevez's "RIP FERGIE" sign

Twitter was in an uproar hours ago over the idiotic decision by Carlos Tevez to hold up a 'RIP FERGIE' sign during Manchester City's trophy parade through the streets of Manchester. While that was certainly distasteful, I did find it amusing that many people, who aren't football fans apparently, thought that singer Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas had died when 'RIP Fergie' was trending on Twitter. Since then though, Manchester City has issued an apology in regards to Tevez's actions.

"The creation of the tasteless material is in itself reprehensible and in accepting and brandishing it, Carlos has made a significant error of judgment. The club wishes to express its sincerest apologies to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United Football Club for any offence or distress caused."

- Manchester City via a spokeswoman

A statement, quite obviously written by someone else, was also made on Tevez's behalf:

"I got carried away in the excitement of the moment and I certainly didn't mean any disrespect to Sir Alex Ferguson, who I admire as a man and a manager."

- Somebody speaking for Tevez

What a douche.