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Lille to talk to both Manchester clubs next week over sale of Eden Hazard

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Lille are yet to complete their league season. But when they do at the weekend, they will then sound out the two Manchester clubs that want their star player Eden Hazard. Both teams have made contact, yet no official bids have been made. While interest has been high all over Europe's top leagues, Manchester City and Manchester United remain the only two suiters that have a realistic chance of signing the Belgian sensation, according to BBC Sport

It seems as though Lille want to start a bidding war over the young star, who has 17 goals and 16 assists this season, and that will obviously favour Manchester CIty. Yet everybody knows what we as a club can offer. The chance to play at Old Trafford week in week out, for a fantastic club with an unmatched history. He will be given the chance to grow as a player, given the chance to realize his massive potential, instead of just being another star in a squad full of ego's at City. The chance to play under one of the best managers in history

Maybe, just maybe, Sir Alex and David Gill can turn Eden Hazard's head away from the promise of riches in the blue half of Manchester.

For further reading check out TBB's scouting report of Eden Hazard. This will give you a realistic idea if how he may fit in, if Hazard chooses the path of the light, instead of the road to evil....