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Whelan claims Fergie may retire next year after health scare!

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Well this is interesting, and heart wrenching in equal measure ....

ESPN has a story with quotes from Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan, claiming that Sir Alex Ferguson has had a health scare within the last week or so, and that he is now considering retiring next year.

"After next season, Sir Alex will call it a day. The pressure is telling, especially when you are at the top for so long.

"The older you get the harder it is to cope with all that pressure, and eventually it will affect you. Sir Alex is resilient and I know he will want to carry on until he drops, and I respect what he has achieved as everyone does.

"I am sure his intention was to carry on for two or three, maybe even more years, but he has had a little scare in the last week or so and that tells me he will think very hard, and realise there is no point trying to carry on for another five years and take the risk."

Dave Whelan

Well, what do we make of this....

The two are close friends, so it is not as though the source is unnamed and unreliable. It does beg the question why Whelan has came out with these quotes. Is it his right to talk about Fergie's health in public, when Fergie himself hasn't spoke about it in the press?

As for the club, this would be a bitter blow. Things like this make me dread the day when Fergie is no longer our manager. He is the most important man at the club, and will be until he steps down. I fear that his replacement will not be capable. I fear we will no longer challenge for silverware on a regular basis.

Most important however, is the man himself. Lets hope that Whelan has somehow got his facts wrong, and Fergie is in fine form and good health. Healthy enough to manage this great club for another 20 years (We wish!)