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Shut Up Ivanovic

What is Luka feeling for with his left hand....  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
What is Luka feeling for with his left hand.... (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Branislav Ivanovic has urged reported Manchester United target Luka Modric to join him at Chelsea, claiming he would not regret the move, if it came to fruition. Here's what the Serbian and Chelsea defender, who himself has been linked with Real Madrid this summer, had to say

"Chelsea need a player like him,"

"He is a really great player and wouldn't need long to adapt to a new club.

"He has been playing in England for a while now, he knows the Premier League, he has the right mentality and knows how to play on the level required at Chelsea.

"I'm sure that he needs something new in his career. He needs to move to a bigger club.

"I believe at Chelsea he would become an even better player. I urge him to come to Chelsea - he won't regret it."

Sportske Novosti

It is thought that the two clubs leading the chase for the Croation playmaker are Chelsea and ourselves, although Jose Mourinho is thought to be keen to land the Tottenham man too for Spanish Champions Real Madrid.

If Luka does listen to "Branny" however, it will be a sore blow to our own transfer plans. He surely is our number one target, and with good reason too. The way he played against Spain, where he was the best Croatian on the pitch, means he really can cut it at the top level. And he almost provided the winner in that game, when he played a superb ball with the outside of his foot, only for the chance to be spurned.

I was talking to a United fan the other day. And he said he hoped we don't sign Modric, because he is lightweight! I just shook my head in dis-belief....