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Who needs Eden.... Manchester United are getting Shinji Kagawa!

Thumbs up to YOU my mann (Photo by Joern Pollex/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Thumbs up to YOU my mann (Photo by Joern Pollex/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Bongarts/Getty Images

This is not really news, just mere confirmation of the many articles over the past couple of months that Manchester United were signing Borrussia Dortmund's Japanese star Shinji Kagawa. The official website has the story, claiming that the only issues to be resolved is that of the medical and the work permit, and the club expect this to happen by the end of June.

But lets be honest, Shinji Kagawa will be playing his home games at Old Trafford next season. Of that there is no doubt now.

It is a good move in my eyes, with little chance of failure. Even if he does flop, which I feel is very unlikely, the transfer dee will most likely be largly paid off by the many shirt sales this will undoubtedly lead to in Asia. Because Shinji Kagawa is the next major football star in Aisa, following in the footsteps of Manchester United's and South Korea winger Ji Sung-Park.

On the field, expect Kagawa to supply goals, assists, and a cutting edge in attack, especially on the counter attack. This is something that was largely missing from Manchester United's play toward the back end of last season. Quite shocking considering how well we have used that facet of the game during Fergie's reign. His pace will frighten players. But more importantly in my eyes, he can play many positions, which will be hard to defend, and the fact he seems truly two footed will scare defenders further, as his dribbling skills are also very good. He will be able to beat defenders on both sides.

The fee and his wages are yet to be released. However I feel the fee will be a basic fee of around £14M which will most likely be enhanced after so many appearances and so on. And wages of around £50,000 a week. (These numbers are purely speculative, based on the numerous reports one has read over the past few months)

Il finish this with a question. You are no doubt happy that we have signed such an exciting player. But what fee would you think to be too much for Kagawa? And what wages?