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Have Manchester United Tested the Modric Waters with a 25M Bid?

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The Sun plastered this story all over their back page this morning. However how realistic is the move? After Chelsea failed with a bid of over £30M last summer, Manchester United are reported to have bid £25M for the Croatian playmaker. The Sun claim the deal is done, and Modric will sign after he reports back from the Euro's, however I for believe that can be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

Daniel Levy, Tottenham Hotspur Chairman, will want to squeeze every last penny out of the buying club, be that United or Chelsea, so for the Sun to claim that the deal has already been done, with a bid at least £5M short of what was offered last season, with his man on a long term contract is ludicrous in my eyes.

What is promising though is the fact that Manchester United seem to have the funds to entertain the idea of buying a player of Luka Modric's calibre. After missing out on Eden Hazard there still is funds available for a big signing that will have a massive impact on the squad and our hopes for domestic and Continental silverware next season.

On the other hand, how high can we go? If Chelsea, who have already splashed £30M on Hazard, as well as at least another £30M on Hulk from Porto (When it goes through), want to spend whatever necessary to get their man, how can we possibly compete? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Manchester City enters the bidding. Because Luka Modric would fit wonderfully into their team. We will then have to look at other targets.

Anyway, expect this one to drag and drag untill Levy get the price he wants for his star.