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What You Need To Know About Lucas Moura

Manchester United, after all the rumours that have been disregarded, are after 19-year-old Lucas Moura. A €33 million bid was made and rejected. This week, a €38 million bid was made and, also, rejected. For a position that United do not need to strengthen on, it seems a bit peculiar that a risky bid would be put in.

Lucas is only 19-years-old, but has already established himself as a young prodigy. Ever since he made his debut for São Paulo in 2010, he has looked more and more confident with every game he has featured in – and has more importantly improved. He has electrifying pace, can more than easily beat his man one-on-one, great close control, good dribbling, and can score some great goals.

Whilst many – and I do not mean a minority – are formulating opinions based on footage they have viewed on YouTube, what these fans do not know is that Lucas is still very much raw and needs more time to improve. His decision making, for instance, has come under heavy criticism, which is justifiable. When he runs with the ball, he tends to cement his eyes on the ball and not look up, which subsequently results into chances being wasted. Another flaw is that he has never really made his mark in the big games.

Certainly, if I had to compare Lucas to another player, then it has to be Theo Walcott. Now you might think I am being absurd, but my explanation for this will win you over. What the former offers: more directness, tremendous amount of energy, close control, and better dribbling. Apart from that, both players have erratic decision making.

So, the important question: Do Manchester United need Lucas? No, they do not. The reason being is that United have other areas, which need to be reconstructed. Left back and central midfield are still weak areas, and it would be a very risky move to pay such an excessive amount. It is best for Lucas to stay put, and progress even further, where he will receive first-team action.

There's no picture of Lucas on here. A very short piece, but that should clear things up. Follow @UtdWeekly for more updates.