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Deal not reached, but the interest is there in Lucas Moura

NOT LUCAS MOURA. But if he is half has good as Ronaldo, pay the club what they want!
 (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
NOT LUCAS MOURA. But if he is half has good as Ronaldo, pay the club what they want! (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After many weeks of speculation, Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that we are interested in Sao Paulo's 19 year old winger Lucas Moura, but that reports of a deal being reached are premature. The Brazilian full international, who is in England for the Olympics, has also reportedly courted the interest of Inter Milan. Here is what Fergie had to say, from

"We haven't reached an agreement for the player. We've shown an interest but until such time a we get a deal agreed we can't say he's our player. We've signed two players in the summer: Kagawa and Powell. We think they both have fantastic potential. At this moment we're looking at other options in terms of bringing other players in. We're not lying on our backsides doing nothing. We're trying hard to bring other players to the club."

Sir Alex Ferguson

This is the second time in the space of less than a week that the gaffer has gone public in his interest of a player, with Robin Van Persie of Arsenal being the first (Although Arsenal rather forced his hand on that one). That has differed from our policy of remaining silent regarding possible transfers in recent years.

Of the two transfers, I am actually a little more excited about this one to be honest. Lucas Moura, while being very raw and unproven on the highest of levels, could be one of the worlds best. He can beat a player ever so easily, has lightening pace and can score great goals. At 19, his footballing career is just starting but he certainly has an X factor about him. RVP is 28, and a player who has had many injury problems. Last year, where he scored a ridiculous amount of goals, was probably the first time ever he has gone injury free for a whole season.

But still, we do not seem to be interested in our greatest need. A centre midfielder. Fergie says they are trying to bring others in, but the frustration is stemming from the fact we are spending money in the wrong areas of the squad. The only saving grace is that both players will still improve the squad, as they are both of a very high quality.

But Fergie yesterday said that the Glazers has given him everything he has asked of them, whilst backing his transfer policy.

"I am comfortable with the Glazer situation. They have been great,They have always backed me whenever I have asked them. I have never faced any opposition."

"We can play 18-year-olds because it's part of our history," he added. "No other clubs can do that. City won't do it. They definitely won't play any young players who have come up through their system."

Sir Alex Ferguson


While I love the fact that we bring through youngsters, I Love winning the Premier League title more, and I hate going out of the Champions League at the group stages. If we have to chuck £30M at a centre midfielder that would go along way to ensuring those ambitions, I personally would go and ask those delightful owners, who have never refused a thing, to put the money on the table.

Il finish with a poll. Who would you rather see come to the club? RVP, or Lucas Moura? State why in the comments

NOTE: That photo was the only one that came up when I typed in Sao Paulo Football. The rest was F1 Cars....