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Agent claims Manchester United have reached their limit

Look at those pearly Whites.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Look at those pearly Whites. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

According to Wagner Ribeiro, the agent of Manchester United target Lucas Moura, United have "reached their limit" and will not offer more than a reported bid made a couple of weeks ago in excess of £25M. He also suggest he won't speak to Manchester United, despite being in England (He claims he is watching Brazil's Olympic games)

"The only offer was made 15 days ago, €33m. I'm going to England to watch Brazil's games during the weekend. I can't see any European club capable of offering the same as United offered for Lucas. The €33m offer is the biggest of all time [in Brazilian football]. The best now is for all parties to remain quiet, so Lucas can play the Olympics, so he remains calm.English newspapers are talking about this every day and that's harming him, so he'd better staying away from all this."

Wagner Ribeiro

Sky Sports

Obviously, 99% of what comes out of an agents mouth should be taken with a mahoosive bucket load of salt. They are greedy money chasing creatures. But, despite Fergie coming out and confirming our interest in the prodigal talent, it would be pretty unheard of if United do spend the stupid amount of money that it would take to prise the youngster away from Sao Paulo. So perhaps their is a little truth in the statement that we will spend no more.

And if that is true, why doesn't Fergie just ask the Glazers for a couple more Mil? Especially if they have always given him everything he has asked for.....