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Two more players could head to Old Trafford this summer! Who are they?

Rumours persist of a move to Manchetser United for Baines  (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Rumours persist of a move to Manchetser United for Baines (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
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Sir Alex Ferguson hopes to bring in two further players to Manchester United before the end of the summer transfer window, which will double the acquisitions he has already brought in, Borrusia Dortmund's Shinji Kagawa, and Nick Powell, the 18 year old from Crewe.

Speaking to MUTV, with the quotes from, here is what the Gaffer had to say.

We’re working on one or two things but there’s nothing really to tell you to be honest.

"We always try to get our work done at the end of the season – we spent a good deal of time sorting the deal with Shinji and we’d agreed a deal with Nick Powell before the play-offs which was a good move by us because the boy had an outstanding final at Wembley.

"When you don’t get deals done immediately and you’re negotiating with a club over a long period, then you can’t expect to just snap your fingers and get it done."

Sir Alex Ferguson

I like how we got the Powell fee agreed before his play off final. THAT goal surely would have bumped up his fee by a couple of Million....

So who could the two new faces be?

Rumours of Leighton Banies from Everton just not go away, despite the lofty fee of around/just under £20M, depending which source you read. I like Baines fine. He is such a great crosser of the ball, the strikers would only love that service from deep. But I don't feel the money being talked about is good value (As Fergie himself would say). Can we really afford that kind of money on a LB, when we already have an established player like Patrice Evra? Unless Evra is then considered as a back up, due to his increasing age and shaky performances last year. Cover is needed, due to Fabio heading out on loan to QPR yesterday. However, how would Evra feel if he is the not playing in every game? Could he disrupt the harmony in the squad if he is left out of the big matches that in years gone by, he would have been a dead cert to start.

If Baines is brought, I expect the fee to be south of £15M. We could then turn our attention to our biggest need, which, surprise surprise, is a centre midfielder. Or to be more specific, Mr Luka Modric from Spurs. I fully expect him to be one of the names Fergie would like to bring in. But as we know, he won't come cheap, although I don't expect the fee, if he does make the move (or a move) to be the £40M that Levy would so dearly like. I'm sure in the not too distant future, the Croatian will come out and say he wants a move, and unlike last year, Spurs will be powerless to stop him.

There have been other names linked, yet these are they type of rumour that will come, go and then be forgotten untill January or next summer. The most interesting could be Alex Witsel, of Benfica. According to reports, his club may be prepared to sell up. Another from Portugal is promising Columbian winger James Rodriguez, yet due to our depth in the winger department, the £35-£40M being quoted seems quite ridiculous. Sure, we were prepared to spend big to snaffle Eden Hazard, but he is such a special player, with outstanding potential, and is much more versatile than Rodriguez. Joao Moutinho has also been linked in the past few days. He also was linked about four years ago. We didn't want him then, and I'm pretty sure we don't want him now. Not at a rumoured £30M, for a player who has not played in the Premier League, although he did have a good Euro12.

If Modric is still firmly in our sites, who do you believe the second man is that Fergie alludes too. Is it left back Baines? What other areas would you rather strengthen if not?