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Ferguson confirms Pogba's exit! Unsure on Fryers

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Sir Alex Ferguson gave an interview to the clubs official TV channel today, and confirmed that French teenager Paul Pogba has joined Juventus while showing the club a distinct lack of respect. The Pogba saga has rumbled on for some months now, with it becoming increasingly likely that he would make the move to the Italian Champions, after being fed up of a lack of playing time in the first team, and of course, the big bucks that he and his agent wanted.

Meanwhile, Sir Alex expects Zekki Fryers, who also made his first team debut this year, to turn up to Pre-Season training, despite being out of contract.

"Pogba signed for Juventus a long time ago as far as we’re aware,"

"It's disappointing. I don’t think he showed us any respect at all. To be honest, if they carry on that way, they’re probably better doing it away from us.

"We haven’t heard anything from Zeki Fryers. I don’t know what’s happening there but he’s not been in touch with the club. His agent hasn’t been in touch with the club and I can only assume he’ll be back for training"

Sir Alex Fergsuon

Being arguably the best/biggest club in the world counts for nothing these days apparently! The Pogba situation doesn't really surprise me. He jumped ship from Le Havre to come and join us. His agent seems to be greedy, as is the way when they have footballs hottest property. But Zekki Fryers? I know he hasn't left, maybe won't even do so. But for his agent, and himself to not even contact the club? What kind of bullshit is this? You have a chance to make it at the biggest club in the country. They have helped train you, nurtured your talent so you can become a professional footballer. Every child's dream and you don't have the courtesy to even get in touch, to say if you sign a contract or not. Not only is it a slap in the face of the club, it is a slap in the face of the fans! Boy better get his head screwed on and sign a contract, otherwise he can take the Pogba route and piss off!