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Confirmed: Park Ji-Sung to QPR

Lets hope Bebe will not be the one to replace Park Ji Sung  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Lets hope Bebe will not be the one to replace Park Ji Sung (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

QPR have officially announced the signing of Manchester United winger Park Ji-Sung on a two year deal. The fee is a reported £2M, but may rise up to £5M. He will join Fabio, who left Manchester United for QPR on a season long loan deal.

At 31, Park is not getting any younger, and after his not so great showing last year could be for the best for all parties involved. The South Korean will surely get much more playing time at QPR than he ever would have this season, and will provide some great experience and ability for a QPR side with big ambitions and good financial backing. They will be looking to break into the PL's top 10 this year, and this signing is a big statement of intent. Four Premier League titles, a Champions League title, three Capital One Cups (League Cup) and a FIFA Club World Cup, alonside reaching the Semi Final of the World Cup. You are not just given these kind of accolades.

As for United, we have lost a valuable squad member. Someone who doesn't moan about being left out or stuck on the bench, but can then come in and play someone off the pitch in the next game (See Pirlo). Someone who will work tirelessly, giving total commitment to the cause. Someone who excels in the big games, not scoring often, but often scoring crucial goals. An intelligent player, who will always track runs, and is under rated offensively. His timing of runs and intelligent positions make him very useful when adopting a counter attacking game, as seen in the 08-09 season. His part in the Ronaldo counter attaking goal at Arsenal in the Champions League was a joy to behold.

But, despite all this, I think now was a good time to cash in on him. We have got a decent fee for a player of his age, who might well be in decline if last seasons performances are not just a one off. It will be interesting to see if we bring in another winger. At the moment, we have Nani, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia. Ryan Giggs can still play out wide. Shinjo Kagawa also can play on either flank, but is set to take up a more central role. And Danny Welbeck played out wide on at least one occasion last season. Maybe he will see more time out wide. We don't lack options, and all of our players, save maybe Valencia, are very flexable.

Would you like to see us bring in a wide man, and if so who?