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Manchester United come in at No.3 in SB Nation's Week 2 Premier League Power Rankings

Shinji Kagawa has been a joy to watch in the opening weeks of the season
Shinji Kagawa has been a joy to watch in the opening weeks of the season

For those of you unaware, this site is part of a tremendous network of football blogs at SB Nation. In fact, if you have other sporting interests, the network likely has all of them covered with many terrific blogs. In addition, there is a traditional front page for each sport and on the football/soccer one, a weekly Power Rankings will be done for 2012/13 Premier League season. The voting is certainly subjective as each voter will use their own judgment to balance current form, overall quality of the squad, and a guess to a club's future success or failure. There will be a total of 15 weekly voters -- I will be one of these voters -- and the average ranking will be used to sort out the clubs. Without further ado, here are the Week 2 Power Rankings.

Chelsea's terrific start has many obviously feeling that they can challenge the Manchester clubs this season for the title. Manchester City follows the Blues in the rankings and Manchester United come in 3rd. Voters also showed quite a bit of respect for the strong starts by Everton and Swansea City.

I personally voted City #1, United #2, and Chelsea #3. Here is the brief comment that I supplied about the club we support:

"Sir Alex Ferguson's side has certainly looked shaky in the back but I don't anticipate that to be a long-term problem because the club has five terrific central-defenders. Not long ago, a dip in form or an injury to Wayne Rooney would be hugely concerning but Shinji Kagawa has shined as United's No.10 while Robin van Persie is obviously an excellent No.9. Once the attacks gels, it should be breathtaking to watch."

Feel free to use the comments section below to offer up your own thoughts about the infant stages of this Premier League season. Who do you feel will get the Champions League spots and the remaining European spots. How do you feel about United's title chances? What clubs do you feel will pleasantly surprise their supporters this season and which ones will cause continual heartache?