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One step at a time for Fletcher

Getty Images

Darren Fletcher is perhaps inching his way back too full fitness, and I couldn't be happier for him. Sky Sports reports he is linking up with the Scotland squad to train with them for their upcoming friendly against Australia next Wednesday. Here is a small quote from Scotland boss Craig Levien.

"Darren will be with us at the weekend, he is back in training and he played 45 minutes in a practice match last week. He is not in the squad because he has not played for Manchester United but he will come back and do a bit of training with us."

Craig Levien

Fletch still has some way to go, and may never make it back to the fitness that will allow him to be a regular week in week out. But I would be more than happy if he could get back to a state of fitness that would mean he could play when we need him too. For the big games. When we need a specialist player to hunt down the opposition.

If there is one player I would count on in the Manchester United squad to get back from this kind of condition, it would be Fletcher. Fantastic mental attributes. He will need all of determination to fight this