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Liverpool Q&A: Post your questions

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Next Sunday sees Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United squad travel down the M62 to visit Liverpool in yet another northwest derby. Liverpool come into this match above the relegation by only goal differential in what has been a difficult start to the Brendan Rodgers era. The same issues from last year appear to still be causing problems for Liverpool this term, the most glaring of which is an inconsistency in front of goal (or is it consistency to never put the ball in the back of the net?). A lack of high profile signings also marked a significant departure from the Kenny Dalglish era and left Brendan Rodgers without many players to that could slot right into his system.

These issues and any other on the current state of Manchester United's biggest oldest rival can be asked here. Anfield Asylum author and Busby Babe commenter, Bromantic/Adam, will answer all of the questions you can throw at him. Feel free to ask him anything from the soap opera that is Suarez v Evra (he had an excellent post on that last term), the recent Hillsborough revelations (let's try to carry ourselves a little better than the fans at Old Trafford were on Saturday), or why this man was thought to be a replacement for Fernando Torres.

I'll be sending over the questions on Thursday so please have them all in by then.